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Christ's love, symbolized by his empty cross and tomb, is the foundation for all the we believe as WELS Christians. His sacrifice and his victory have meaning for us today and into eternity. 
WLS - Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

The purpose of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary is to offer theological training that prepares men to enter the pastoral ministry of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod or of churches within its confessional fellowship . The seminary also endeavors in various ways to offer opportunity for theological and professional growth to called workers who already are serving in the ministry of its confessional fellowship . 
MLC - Martin Luther College

Martin Luther College is owned and operated by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). Formed from an amalgamation of Dr. Martin Luther College (founded in 1884) and Northwestern College (founded in 1865), Martin Luther College opened its doors to the next generation of church workers in 1995.

While every institution has its strengths, Martin Luther College is distinctive. We are the WELS College of Ministry. We exist solely to train future pastors, teachers, and staff ministers for the public ministry in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. 

WLC - Wisconsin Lutheran College

Christian leadership is what Wisconsin Lutheran College is all about.

Wisconsin Lutheran is often described as a warm and friendly campus, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Students who choose to attend the college desire a strong and challenging liberal arts program. They expect to be prepared for their future because that is what the college promises when they enroll. 

FVL - Fox Valley Lutheran

FVL is a Lutheran high school that offers its students a wide variety of experiences and opportunities. While some schools pride themselves on their college prep curriculum, FVL welcomes students of all achievement levels. 
LPS - Luther Preparatory School
The continuing mission and purpose of Luther Preparatory School is to prepare and encourage young men and women for the full time ministry in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  
MLS - Michigan Lutheran Seminary

Under God, Michigan Lutheran Seminary prepares young people for a lifetime of service to the Lord Jesus Christ.  MLS is a Christian High School located in Saginaw, MI.

The special purpose of MLS is to train students for the public ministry of the gospel and to enroll them upon graduation at Martin Luther College, New Ulm, Minnesota. 

LWMS - Lutheran Womens Missionary Society

The women of the Lutheran Women's Missionary Society are united to "increase interest in and to support the mission endeavors...of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod." We are privileged to participate in the urgent work of sharing the gospel with lost souls around the world through our offerings of time, talents, and treasure.  
Living Bold

Living Bold is a WELS website just for teens. 
NPH - Northwestern Publishing House

Since June 23, 1891, Northwestern Publishing House has served the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and its members with a variety of products and programs.

The Mission of Northwestern Publishing House is to deliver Biblically sound Christ-centered resources within the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and beyond.  

A Word for Women

A Word to Women is a non-profit Christian ministry that seeks to lead women to a greater and stronger relationship with Christ and to appreciate the gifts, talents and abilities he has given them to serve him and those around them in their daily walks. A Word For Women reaches women right in the middle of their busy day through internet webisodes, devotions, resources, speaking events, links to womens' events, volunteer opportunities and production updates at their studio., Salty Earth P 
Parents Crosslink
Parents Crosslink is quarterly publication designed to strengthen and encourage Christian parents for the challenges of raising children in a world that adheres to secular values.  
What About Jesus?

Do you have questions about life?

Not sure where to get real answers that you can count on?

Jesus offers the answer...

WhatAboutJesus.com exists to help introduce you to the truth that Jesus is.

Camp Phillip
Camp Phillip provides relaxation in creation and renewal in Christ to Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod youth, adults, families, churches and schools throughout the year. 
WELS Kingdom Workers
WELS Kingdom Workers exists for the purpose of assisting the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) mission divisions in their task of making disciples according to the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
CLR - Christian Life Resources
The mission of Christian Life Resources is to use life and family issues as bridges to convey the love of God and to share the message of salvation through Christ. This organization educates people on what God’s Word has to say about the value and sanctity of human life.  
WLCFS - Wisconsin Lutheran Child and Family Services
Wisconsin Lutheran Child & Family Service (WLCFS) is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, affiliated with, but not financially supported by, the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (www.wels.net).
WLCFS offers the following services and programs:
Christian Family Counseling
Assisted Living (RCAC)
Assisted Living (CBRF)
Independent Retirement Community living
Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation facilities
Educational Programming
Career Transition Assistance for Called Workers
Heart To Heart
More than anything, Heart to Heart is meant to be an honest forum for Christian parents to build each other up and support each other. This site is an extension of that forum. So, each parent whose article is published in Forward in Christ will have his or her article published here as a blog post. Extra content will also be posted here.
Christ's Love, Our Calling.