Sunday School
We would like to invite you and your children to participate in Christian Education Hour starting in September and going through the end of May from 10:15am-11:15am every Sunday.  You and your children will have the opportunity to gather around God’s Word.  The children of the congregation will participate in Sunday School while all of the adults will have the opportunity to take part in Adult Bible Class.  The Adult Bible Study will be going through Adult Christ-light.  This is a Bible History Class that serves as a great review of God’s Plan of Salvation, appropriate for teens through adults.  You will have the same lessons as the Sunday School class.  The purpose behind this is to encourage you as parents to talk with your children about what they learned in Sunday School as you do home devotions during the week.

Sunday School is a very necessary part of Christian education taking place here at Zion.  In fact, Sunday School goes hand in hand with Confirmation class.  Therefore we are asking that all children of the congregation take part in Sunday School.  With confirmation classes meeting only once a week, Sunday School becomes a necessary part of your child’s Christian education.

In our Sunday School we use the Christ-Light Curriculum published by Northwestern Publishing House.
Christ Light Curriculum
Christ's Love, Our Calling.