Bible Class
Bible Information Class

We hold Bible Information Classes for anyone who is interested in becoming a member here at Zion.  If you are interested in learning more please fel free to contact our pastor.

19-Minute Bible Class
This summer we will spend 19-minutes looking at The Story.  The Story is an abridged version of the Bible.  It lays out God's complete plan of salvation from beginning to end in a way that is easy to read.  Join us as we finish our discussion about the greatest story told...God's plan of salvation.
Wednesday Morning Bible Class
There are many symbols, metaphors, and parables in scripture, and sometimes it can be hard to wrap your head around all of them. This book from the Bible Discovery Series, by Pastor Joel Seifert, teaches the principles of interpretation and explains Biblical figurative language from a solid Lutheran understanding. By deciphering the symbols in scripture, you will grow in faith and knowledge of God's saving grace.
Coming Soon
We are in the process of deciding our direction for our regular Sunday morning Bible Studies which will start up once again in September.
Christ's Love, Our Calling.