WELS Together Newsletter:
» Conference of Presidents 2019 winter meeting
» Your gifts, God’s blessings 2019
» Announcing sixth annual WELS Night at Miller Park
» Leaders of ELS, LCMS, and WELS meet
» An amazing mission opportunity: Grace—Hmong outreach in Vietnam
Faith Related Q and A
» What are the possible questions for social issues?
» Is it okay to drink wine that is mixed with myrrh for flavor? I have heard that it tastes great, though I have heard some say you should not drink it because Jesus denied it when he was on the cross. I have heard others say you can drink it because there are are no dietary guidelines in the New Testament, and the reason Jesus denied it is because it would have taken away his suffering on the cross.
» I need information from WELS on the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong.
» Is it okay to read for spiritual advice?
» Good morning. Can you please tell me if your church baptizes in Jesus' name?
» Is it okay for a Christian to celebrate their 21st birthday with alcoholic beverages, provided they do so in moderation?
» I am going to a Christian Business Round Table tomorrow morning. The Topic for discussion is, "Lessons Learned When Trust is Broken & What it Takes to Rebuild." Attendance will be men of several different denominations. One gentleman is from India with a Hindu background and, I might add, seemingly a new Christian. I want to participate in this discussion from a WELS standpoint and am simply seeking a few good talking points whereas I may be able to respond appropriately during the conversation. Thank you in advance.
» Are people higher than the angels? I have always believed and been told that this is true as we are God's children and they are God's servants or messengers. My pastor disagreed, quoting psalms 8:5. I discussed this with my ELS family, including my sister, a former Christian day school teacher married to an ELS minister and she too believed we are higher than the angels. I have read 1 Corinthians 6:3 and other NT references and now I am confused.
» If the Sabbath was instituted in the Garden of Eden, and precedes the Mosaic Law, why don't modern Christians observe the Sabbath? I get why we would be freed from the Mosaic ordinances of the Sabbath, but why don't we consider the day especially sanctified (more so than a Sunday or Monday) if the Sabbath precedes the Mosaic Law?
» Hi, good day. I would like to know what is a heresy. Thanks.
Forward in Christ
» Trust in God provides relief from fear
» How can we protect our kids without scaring them?
» Using Chrismons in Advent devotions
Christ's Love, Our Calling.