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Faith Related Q and A
» Am I correct in my belief that God decides how long we are to live, before our conception? That is, while we have a say in how we die, neither we, nor the medical profession, have any control over when. In other words, if a person commits suicide, while the choice and method are a sin, they would have otherwise died another way. For your information, I'm not trying to suggest that we shouldn't take proper care of ourselves, or refuse to go to the doctor, as I realize they are the method, as it were, of staying alive, even if not the cause.
» Can a WELS pastor date/marry a member of the church where he preaches?
» I am having a hard time grappling with the healing stories in Scripture. Jesus and the apostles healed people physically, mentally, spiritually, in every way. There are numerous passages and we are expected to accept them at face value. We also read in John 16:24 and many other passages that we are to ask in Jesus' name and we will receive. My disabled adult son almost died three years ago from a severe heart infection. In fact, he was under hospice care for three weeks until he started to get better, without any real treatment. Many people were praying for him. People in our church were calling it a miracle. He was put on a minor heart failure drug and for several months evidently had no problems. Then we came to learn he had advanced kidney disease, and he requires catheterization four times a day, which severely limits his ability to travel or do anything in a "normal" way. He has had numerous urinary tract infections since then. His life has drastically changed, as has ours. My wife and I are getting on in years and are very fearful for his future. I feel like the "miracle" was a joke, as now, he is sicker and more disabled than he ever was before the heart problem. I've been praying for his physical healing, also for wisdom to know God's will for him. I am getting nothing. Can you help?
» On the mount of transfiguration did Moses and Elijah have glorified bodies? Elijah went to heaven without dying, but Moses died (Deuteronomy 34:5-6). Also in 1 Corinthians 15:22-23 we are told those who belong to Christ will be raised when he comes again. Can you please shed some light on this?
» If I enjoy watching TV and movies that contain sinful ideas (sex scenes, drug and alcohol use, violence, etc.), am I also sinning? Should I be repenting for watching and being entertained by this?
» I just read the question and answer about ghosts. I came to same conclusion that paranormal experiences are the Devil and his demons doing his work. Now, many years later I am an experienced hospice social worker. I have heard and seen experiences that my patients are having when they are getting closer to dying. They often talk about or even talk to the unseen. Often times, they are even able to clearly identify them as a familiar, deceased loved one, often their mother. So, if we are supposed to believe that any paranormal activity is from the Devil, why are my patients having good experiences of seeing their loved ones before they die? When other family members see this, this usually only strengthens their faith and gives them comfort as they believe it is a deceased family member seemingly getting ready to welcome a person to heaven as their life on earth comes to a close. Why would the Devil allow such paranormal activities to happen if faith in the Lord is only strengthened?
» I have been WELS all of my life, raised, baptized, confirmed, and have been to many WELS churches and attending multiple schools. I have been taught so many times that faith alone saves. Why do we say faith alone if we also seem to say that faith and repentance saves? Is it faith alone? Or is it faith and repentance? And let's throw in baptism, too, while we are at it. Is it faith alone or not?
» The confessions speak of Mary as Semper Virgo (always-virgin) in the Smalcald Articles [24]. What defense do we have of this? Can I be a called worker if I don't agree with this portion of the Book of Concord?
» I want to know when altar cloths change and to what color.
» What would Jesus do here? Should our church receive monies from an outside organization that requires by their agreement that our church to publicly acknowledge these monies for the purpose of advertising for the outside business and requires our churches agreement to participate and our church members to subscribe to a confession of faith that is in conflict with our church doctrine?
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