WELS Together Newsletter:
Faith Related Q and A
» Why did the Israelites do little to spread God's Word (at that time, the promise of the Savior) to other nations?
» Why do Matthew and Luke show different genealogies for Jesus?
» I was speaking with a friend the other day who mentioned that not all "Christian" denominations believe that Christ not only died the worst earthly death, but also suffered in hell for the sins of all people for all eternity. He also mentioned that this was reflected in the Apostles' Creed, and that it was changed years ago. Being a member of the WELS, I am familiar and fully agree with the statement "He descended into hell." However, some denominations changed it to "He descended to the dead." My questions involve a couple concerns: 1) When was this change made and why? 2) Does this change reflect that some Christians don't believe Jesus fully suffered in hell? Thank you.
» While you're in heaven as a spirit and without a body, will you be able to communicate with other spirits if we have no body? Will our thoughts just travel from one spirit to another without talking?
» What's the difference between Islam jihad of wiping out the infidels, and the Old Testament Israelite people going through Canaan and wiping out the peoples there? (e.g., Deuteronomy 7)
» Is baptism necessary for justification and salvation?
» I heard a nondenominational/Baptist pastor say that the ascended Lord's body is only present in heaven at God's right hand, and thus, cannot be present in the Lord's Supper. On the contrary, I believe our WELS teaching on the true body of Christ present in Holy Communion, and the obviously miraculous way that his true body can be present at multiple places in the world at the same time. Can you explain what the Bible says about the corporeal body of Christ in this post-ascension time of history? And how does the truth of God's omnipresence relate to the corporeal body of Christ.
» The new seminary graduate who recently began serving our congregation has an unusual approach to consecrating the elements during the Lord's Supper. When it is time for him to read the Words of Institution, he takes a step or two away from the altar (it is built into the chancel wall), turns his back to the elements on the altar table, and reads the Words of Institution to the congregation. He doesn't make the sign of the cross over the cup and paten, or make a simple hand motion to indicate what is being set aside for the Sacrament. One would be hard pressed to know we were celebrating the Sacrament until the distribution begins. Am I wrong in asking him to at least stand next to the elements when reading the Words of Institution instead of turning his back to them?
» I noticed that WELS made no official condolence statement following the passing of Rev. Billy Graham. Considering his worldwide impact on preaching the gospel during the 20th century, is there a reason for WELS saying nothing?
» Why aren't women allowed to vote for board positions within their own church?
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