WELS Together Newsletter:
» Recommendations for church fellowship
» New task force focuses on special education
» 2019 WELS Night tickets now available
» Synodical Council adopts ministry financial plan for 2019–2021
» A new voice for WELS Daily Devotions
Faith Related Q and A
» What does WELS say about baptism?
» I have a question regarding cigarette smoking. Is smoking cigarettes excessively gluttony?
» What is the difference between confessional Lutheran beliefs and the beliefs of Baptists?
» Is the WELS affiliated with Lutheran Pietism at all?
» I think the Bible is quiet on this topic but what is the proper way/tradition for lighting the candles placed on the altar? Also, when should the Paschal candle be lit?
» Who, or what is "spirit", when you refer to "body, soul, and spirit"?
» I was baptized WELS 29 years ago. My husband was not born WELS, but is a giant history buff, and there are things he sees and points out in out services, traditions, and symbols that even have me questioning why we do them. One such thing is the Christogram (XR) we use on our hymnals, among other things. I know this is a shortened version of "Christ" but not particularly Jesus Christ. I know that this was used in Catholicism. Also, more importantly, it was a sign used (even dreamed up?) by Constantine, to put on their shields and to "go forth and conquer" in this sign. My question is, aside from it being the first two letters of Christ, why is it still used in our Lutheran churches?
» Did Jesus really go to hell after he died? Scriptures on it...blessings.
» As an ELCA church member, will I be permitted to receive Communion in a WELS church?
» Why did God create the universe? I am struggling with understanding God’s motivation with creating us and the world. I know understanding God is a tall task. I am hoping for some explanation from the Bible as to why God created us. My sinful nature keeps me coming back to the answer that this world is some strange experiment of God’s or that he was bored. I know this is not the case because God already knows all of history. But I don’t have any other biblical truth to show insight to God’s reasoning.
Forward in Christ
» How can we help a family with a sick parent?
» Struggling with healthy cell phone use
» Consider making a digital resolution in 2019
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